Configuring the Project Risk Register

    The Project Risk Register feature in Inspire Planner allows you to manage and report on project risks in order to mitigate potential issues.


    This help article walks you through the necessary configurations to enable this feature.



    Please Note: You must be a Salesforce System Administrator to complete the configurations outlined in this help article.


    Grant Access to Risks & Issues Object

    You will need to complete these steps if you have custom Permission Sets.


    1. Click on the Gear Icon at the top right corner and go to Setup.

    2. Enter "Permission set" in the Quick Find Box and click on Permission Sets.

    3. Click on your Custom Permission Set. The image below is just an example.

    4. Click on Object Settings.

    5. Click on Risk & Issues.

    6. Set the Object Permissions according to the settings in the image below.

    7. Set the Field Permissions according to the settings in the image below.

    8. Then, click on Save.


    Add Risks & Issues Related List to Project Page Layout

    This section will walk you through how to add the Risks & Issues Related List to your Project Page Layout.


    1. In Setup, go to Object Manager.

    2. Enter "Project" in the Quick Find box and click on Project.

    3. Go to Page Layouts and click on the page layout you are using. 

    4. Go to Related Lists. Then drag "Risks & Issues" to your desired area on the page.

    5. Click on the Wrench Icon to configure the related list properties.

    6. From the list of available fields on the left, we recommend adding the following:
      • Risk ID
      • Type
      • Category
      • Risk Description
      • Owner
      • Risk Status
      • Priority Indicator
      • Impact Level
      • Probability Level
      • Date Closed


    7. Click on OK and then click on Save.



    Add Risks & Issues Tab to Project Lightning Record Page

    You will need to complete the steps in this section if you have a Custom Project Lightning record page. 


    1. While still in the Project Object, go to Lightning Record Pages. Click on the Lightning Record page you are currently using.

    2. Click on Edit.

    3. Click on the container that contains the Project Schedule, Details, etc. This will allow you to modify the Tabs on the page. Click on Add Tab  in the panel on the right.

    4. This will add another "Details" tab. Click on it.

    5. Select "Custom" in Tab Label and enter "Risks & Issues" as the Custom Label. Then click on Done.

    6. You can then drag and re-order the tabs on the panel according to your preference.

    7. Next, click on the Risks & Issues tab.

    8. From the list of Standard Components on the left panel, drag Related List - Single into the Risks & Issues tab.

    9. In the panel on the right, select "Risks & Issues" in Related List and then set the Related List Type to "Enhanced List". Click on Save when finished.


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