Enable Timesheet Feature

    The Timesheet Feature in Inspire Planner allows resources to submit timesheets on a weekly basis. The Timesheet contains all time entries entered where the work date falls within the week. When a Timesheet is submitted, it locks it so that users can no longer add or modify time entries for the week that has been submitted.


    This help article will walk you through how to enable the Timesheet Feature in Inspire Planner.


    Please Note:You must be a Salesforce System Administrator to complete the following configurations.


    Enable Custom Setting

    The first step is to enable the Timesheet Feature in Custom Settings.



    1. Click on the Gear Icon at the top right corner and go to Setup.

    2. Enter "Custom Settings" in the Quick Find box and click on Custom Settings.

    3. Click on Manage beside Inspire Planner Config.

    4. Click on Edit at the top of the page.

    5. Set the Custom Setting "Enable Timesheet Feature" to TRUE and click on Save.


    Grant Access to Timesheet Object

    If you have custom permission sets, you will need to also grant access to the Timesheet Object. If you are using the Inspire Planner Standard User - v1.12 Permission Set, you do not need to the perform the following steps.


    1. In Setup, enter "Permission Sets" and click on Permission Sets.

    2. Click on your Custom Permission Set. The image below is just an example.

    3. Click on Object Settings.

    4. Scroll the list of Objects and click on Timesheets.

    5. Click on Edit and set the object and field permission as follows. Then click on Save.


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