How to Use the Inspire Task Stopwatch Component

    The Inspire Task Stopwatch component in Salesforce Tasks allow you to run a timer as you work on your task and then log the time in Time Tracker. This help article will walk you through how to use the Task Stopwatch component.


    If you do not see the Task Stopwatch Component in your Salesforce Tasks, please visit Adding the Inspire - Task Stopwatch Component in Salesforce Tasks.


    1. Go to the Salesforce Task you are working on and click on Start to start the timer.

    2. The timer will run as you work on your task. Please note that need to keep the Salesforce task open for the timer to run. Click on Stop to stop the timer.

    3. The time will round up to the next minute. You can manually adjust the time if needed. You can then choose to do the following:

      Reset  - will reset the timer to 00:00:00
      Continue  - will continue the timer 
      Log Time - will create a time entry in Time Tracker



    Time Tracker

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