Project Task Colors

    Project tasks appear in different colors. This guide will help you become familiar with what they mean and also show you how you can color-code project tasks.


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    Project Task Colors and Their Meaning

    As you work on a project, you'll notice certain project tasks appear with different text colors. Some will appear in blue, some in gray and others in red. Let's go through each text color and what they represent.



    This is the default project task text color. Subtasks appear in gray and usually denote tasks that are not overdue or have not passed their Finish Date.




    Parent Tasks appear in blue. This means that there are subtasks (child tasks) underneath. Parent tasks represent the cumulative Duration, Start and Finish dates and % Complete of its children.




    Overdue project tasks appear in red. This means that the task has passed its Finish Date and has not been completed.


    If an overdue task needs to be adjusted - you can either adjust its Duration or Finish Date or mark it as completed if the task has been done. 



    Project tasks that have a status of 'Completed' will display the status in green. This denotes that the task has been completed.


    Highlighting Tasks using Colors

    There are times when you may want to draw attention to specific tasks by changing its color. Colors can also be used to group tasks that are similar in nature. Inspire Planner allows you to change the row color of your tasks. 


    To do so, simply right-click on a row and select 'Change Task Color' in the context menu. Then pick the color you wish to use.



    If you would like to use the same color for multiple tasks, simply click on a task to select it then hold down your Ctrl key and click on every task you wish to select. If the tasks are adjacent to each other, you can also click on the task, hold down your Shift key and click on the last task. This will select the rows between the two tasks you clicked on.


    Next, right-click on any of the rows you selected and go to 'Change Task Color' and choose a color. All of the rows you selected will now be highlighted according to the color you chose.


    Always remember to save your changes by clicking on the Save Project Plan icon within the Project Toolbar on the left.



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