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    Project Templates - Overview

    A fast and easy way to create a new project is by using a project template. Rather than creating a new project from scratch, you can inherit from a project template. A Project Template is simply a Project designated as a Template.

    Projects created using a Project Template inherit all the Project Template's properties - Project Tasks, Duration, Start and Finish Dates, Predecessors, Assigned Resources, Priority, Planned Effort, Budgeted Cost, Categories and Notes. It also inherits the project settings such as column display preferences. Therefore, when creating a new Project Template, it is recommended that you configure it in a way that will make it easier for you to create future projects using the template. After all, the main purpose of a project template is to make project creation faster and easier.


    You can apply a template to a project during project creation, or after you've created the project. 


    Please note the following:

    • Review your template and ensure all project tasks have a value in "Status". 
    • When applying a template during Project creation, the new Project inherits the Project Status of the Template. 
    • When applying a template to an already existing Project, it does not inherit the Project Status nor settings of the template.
    • Project Timezone is never inherited from a template. For more information on how project timezone is assigned, please see Project Timezone Assignment.
    • If the Project Name contains the word "Template", there is a workflow rule called "Update Is Template TRUE" that will automatically set "Is Template" to TRUE. Salesforce Administrators can choose deactivate this workflow rule.

    Start with the video below:



    Creating a Project Template

    Creating a new Project Template is the same as creating a new Project (see Getting Started to learn how to create a new Project) except that you are designating it as a Template by selecting 'Is Template'.

    You can also designate an existing project as a template. Simply open a project and then click on the View project detail icon in the Project Toolbar.  

    Then within the Project Detail, double click on the space beside 'Is Template' and select the checbox. Then click on Save.


    Creating a new Project using a Project Template

    To create a new project from a Project Template, go to the Projects Tab and click on New.

    Next, populate the Project Name. Locate the Project Template field and search for a project template by entering the project template name. A list of project templates will display. Select the project template you wish to use.

    Click on Save.

    Once you save the new project, the new project will inherit the content and properties of the Project Template you specified. You can then make any needed adjustments to the new Project.

    Project Templates and List Views

    You can make use of a list view to view project templates or to designate existing projects as templates. You can either create a new list view or edit an existing list view which contains the 'Is Template' field as a column.

    Open or create a new list view. Click on the List View Settings icon at the top right and click on 'Select Fields to Display'.

    Look for 'Is Template' in the list of Available Fields on the left and move it over to the Visible Fields box using the arrow.

    You can re-order the fields by using the up and down arrows to the right of the Visible Fields box. Click on Save when done.

    The page will refresh and you will now be able to see the 'Is Template' column. You can designate a project as a template by hovering over the checkbox. Click on the Edit icon beside it.

    You​ can now select the checkbox to designate the project as a project template. Click on Save at the bottom of the page to save your changes.​​​​​​


    You can also filter the list using the 'Is Template' field so that you are viewing either only projects that are or aren't designated as project templates. You can do this by clicking on the Filter icon at the top right corner of the list.

    Click on Add Filter.

    Select 'Is Template' as the Field. Then select your operator (equals or not equal to) and the value (True or False). Click on Done.

    You'll now see the filter you've added. Click on Save.

    Your list view will refresh to display only projects that match your filter.

    Another way to quickly create new projects is by cloning an existing project using the Save As Function. Please see Save As (Cloning) Functionality for more information. 


    See also, Applying a Template to an Existing Project



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