Spring 20 - Release Notes

    See below for what's coming with Inspire Planner's Spring 20 Release:


    New Features


    Define Non-working Days and Weeks
    for a Project
    A new "Show Calendar" icon is available within the Project UI which allows you to define non-working days and weeks for the project.
    New Time Tracking Only TasksA new checkbox called "Time Tracking Only" has been added to Project Tasks. When this checkbox is TRUE for a project task, the task is excluded when calculating Project Duration and % Complete. These tasks serve as placeholders for time tracking.
    Ability to Define Portfolio ColumnsWe've added a new field set on the Project object that allows you to define which fields from the Project are displayed as columns in Portfolios. A new search box has also been added to the Project window so that you can search for Projects to add to a Portfolio.
    Auto Assign Tasks to Project
    Team Members
    This new feature allows you to define a resource role for tasks within a Project. When you create Project Team records and specify a role for each resource, tasks within the project are auto assigned to Project Team members based on role.






    Time TrackerWe've made the following adjustments to Time Tracker:
    • Only displays Tasks where Project Status is "In Progress" or "Not Started".
    • We've truncated task subject for optimization and will now only show the full task subject on mouse over
    • Project/Task search box now searches all projects and tasks assigned to the user
    Printing ProjectsWe've simplified and optimized printing from Inspire Planner to provide better output and better handle larger projects. The following features have been added:
    • Printing projects will now only print to PDF
    • You now have the ability to specify Gantt Width.When set to 0%, it will only print the task list. When set to 100%, it will only print the Gantt Chart
    • Header has been updated to include Company Logo, Project Name and Project Manager.
    • Added Ledger paper format
    Enhanced Task Filtering in Resources PageWe optimized the resource allocation page to filter tasks that fall within the time frame you are viewing instead of displaying all tasks assigned to the resource.
    Support of Groups for Project Sharing RulesYou can now set the org-wide sharing setting for Projects to "Public Read/Write" which will give all Inspire Planner users read and write access to all Projects regardless of Owner. Inspire Planner also now supports sharing rules with public groups that include roles and/or other groups.
    Enhanced Zoom options in Resources PageWe replaced the zoom icons in the Resources page with a picklist that allows you to switch your view to Days, Weeks, or Months. When changing your view, the Resources page adjusts the hours to provide you with the total hours per day, week or month.


    Resolved Issues


    Task Sync Queue not updating Project
    Task Status Correctly
    Fixed an issue where the Task Sync Queue was not updating Project Task Statuses other than "In Progress" and "Completed.
    Replacing Default Task Statuses
    not working
    Fixed an issue where Project UI was not recognizing the custom status values in Custom Settings.
    Project Template being copied
    when using Save As feature
    When using "Save As" to clone a Project that has a value in the Project Template field, it now removes the mapping to the Project Template.
    Disabling Task Notifications not working
    when creating a new project from
    a template
    Fixed the issue where task email notifications were still being sent for new projects created from a template even when the template has this setting disabled.
    Resources not displaying in Resources Page when Working Hours per Day includes Decimals.Fixed the issue where Resources were not displaying in the Resource Allocation page if the Working Hours pere Day defined for the resource included Decimals (i.e. 4.5 hours)
    Adding a New Row in Weekly view of Time Tracker in Salesforce Task produces an errorAdding a new row in the Weekly view of the Time Tracker component within Salesforce Tasks no longer produces an error.
    Task Subject not displaying in Time Tracker for Tasks Assigned to ContactsThe Task Subject now displays in Time Tracker for Tasks assigned to Contacts.



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