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    Congratulations! Now that you have successfully installed the Inspire Planner App on to your Salesforce organization, you are almost ready to start creating your project plans. Follow the remaining simple steps below to complete the application setup. 

    Step 1 - Configure Inspire Planner Settings and Run Post-Install Jobs

    Step 2 - Update Page Layouts and Lightning Record Pages

    Step 3 - Update Org-Wide Sharing for Activity

    Step 4 - Assign User Permissions & Inspire Planner Licenses

    Step 5 - Align Salesforce Task with Inspire Project Task Status

    Step 6 - Enable Agile and Task List Projects

    Step 7 - Activate Trusted URLs

    Step 8 - Enable API for Help Center Access


    Step 1 - Configure Inspire Planner Settings and Run Post-Install Jobs

    To Access Inspire Planner Settings in Salesforce Lightning

    Navigate to the Inspire Planner Settings page by clicking on the App Launcher and then clicking Inspire Planner Settings under All Items at the bottom of the page.


    To Access Inspire Planner Settings in Salesforce Classic

    Navigate to the Inspire Planner Settings page by clicking on All Tabs and then clicking Inspire Planner Settings.

    Inspire Planner Settings Overview

    The Inspire Planner Settings page provide you with the option of enabling certain features that come with the Inspire Planner App.

    For both Salesforce Lightning and Classic users, you are presented with the same Inspire Planner Settings page.

    Please note that these settings should be enabled/disabled by a Salesforce System Administrator with an Inspire Planner License.

    Please see a description of each setting below.

    1. Enable sharing of projects to external contacts - This feature is only available in Production environments (not available in Sandboxes) and requires Streaming API to be enabled in Salesforce. This feature allows you to share projects externally with Contacts in your database.  When enabled, Contacts assigned to a project task are sent an email with a link to the project and they are able to access the project from our external project portal (  When enabling this feature, you will be prompted to grant access our external viewer to connect with your Salesforce org. Make sure you click on Allow.

    Learn more about this feature by visiting this article - Sharing Projects

    2. Enable Start Date for Salesforce tasks - Inspire Planner Project Tasks contain both a Start and a Finish Date. Salesforce Tasks, however, only have a due date. Since Inspire Planner Project Tasks map to Salesforce Tasks, this feature adds a Start Date to your Salesforce Tasks.  You have the option of using the default Start Date field that is included with Inspire Planner, or map it to a different date field. 

    3. Enable Contact task assignment notification - Enabling this feature will automatically send an email notification to your external Contacts when they are assigned a project task. This feature works in conjunction with the Send task notification option under Settings for each project.  Notification emails will only be sent if both settings are set to Enabled.

    4. Enable time tracker - This will enable the time tracking functionality within Inspire Planner.

    5. If Time Tracker is enabled, you also have the option of adding the Time Tracker Visualforce page to other objects in Salesforce.  For example, adding objects like Account or Case will allow users to log time against these records, in addition to their Project Tasks.

    Learn more about this feature by visiting these related articles - Enable Time Tracker for Other Objectsand Time Tracker

    6. Update Status of All Project Tasks from Status of related Salesforce Tasks - will synchronize the status of all Project Tasks with the status of its related Salesforce Task. 

    7. Schedule System Jobs - will schedule and run all jobs related to Inspire Planner (Inspire Planner Beacon and Inspire Planner Nightly Jobs). Click on Start Jobs.

    8. Reconcile Collaborator and Roll-Up Data - will run a system job that reconciles Salesforce Sharing records and Project Collaborators and also recalculates effort and cost data for all Projects.

    9. Global Default Project Setting - allows you to select a Project Template used to define the default Project Setting for all new Projects not created from a template. See related article: Set Global Default Project Setting.

    10. Apply Global Default - will apply the Global Default Project Setting to all existing Project Templates. For more information, please see How to Update Templates by Applying Settings from Global Default Project Setting.

    11. Migrate to Multi Role assignment feature - will copy existing values in Role field to Multi Role field for Project Tasks. This is used when you are migrating values from the legacy Role field to new Multi-select Role field. See related article: Migrating from Role to Multi-select Role.

    12. Update project type page layout definitions - executes system job that will apply changes you make to your waterfall, agile and task list project page layouts to the pages defined in Page Layout Management  custom settings which controls the page layout displayed when creating new waterfall, agile and task list projects. Please see related help article Agile Projects - Admin Guide 


    Step 2 - Update Page Layouts

    Review the following articles to update your Task/Activity page layouts with Inspire Planner related fields and your Account page layout with the Projects related list.


    Step 3 - Update Org-Wide Sharing for Activity

    Review the following article to update your org-wide sharing setting for Activity:


    Step 4 - Assign User Permissions & Inspire Planner Licenses

    Review the following article to assign users the necessary permissions to use Inspire Planner:

    For Inspire Planner Trial Customers:


    For Inspire Planner Active Customers


    Step 5 - Align Salesforce Task Status with Inspire Project Task Status


    Step 6 - Enable Agile and Task List Projects

    You only need to complete these steps if you would like to create and manage Agile and Task List Projects in Inspire Planner. 


    Step 7 - Activate Trusted URLs

    You will need to activate the Trusted URLs that come with Inspire Planner to ensure that all icons display correctly in Lightning Web Components (LWC).


    Step 8 - Enable API for Help Centre Access

    Review the following article to enable API settings to allow users to access the Inspire Planner Help Centre from within Inspire Planner:


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