Data Import Guide Using Project Import Wizard

    You can import Projects into Inspire Planner either using the Inspire Planner Project Import Wizard or using Salesforce Data Loader.


    The Project Import Wizard is a simpler method for importing Projects. However, there are limitations to what you can import for Projects and Project Tasks. If you would like to import data outside of what the Project Import Wizard supports, we recommend using Salesforce Data Loader instead. For more information on importing Projects using Salesforce Data Loader, please see Data Import Guide.


    The Inspire Planner Project Import Wizard will let you import the following data:


    • Project Name
    • Project Owner
    • Project Status
    • Project Description
    • Task Subject
    • Task Notes
    • Task Start Date
    • Task Finish Date
    • Task Status
    • Task % Complete
    • Task Category
    • Task Priority
    • Task Duration
    • Task Predecessors
    • Task Planned Effort
    • Task Role
    • Task Budgeted Cost
    • Task Actual Cost
    • Task Assignment
    • Constraint Type
    • Constraint Date


    Please note the following:

    • The Project Import Wizard will always create a new Project and should not be used to import Tasks into an existing Project. If the Project already exists, we recommend using Salesforce Data Loader instead.
    • Please make sure you've completed the necessary configurations for the Project Import Wizard. Please see Project Import Wizard Configuration Guide.
    • If you have Tasks that do not have Predecessors and your Project Scheduling Mode is defaulted to "Automatic", you need to set the Constraint for these Tasks as "start no earlier than" and set the Constraint Date with the same value as the Start Date, on the import file. 
    • It is recommended that you temporarily disable triggers within Inspire Planner prior to migrating data. To disable triggers, please see Disable Triggers for Data Migration.


    Prepare your Import File

    The first step is to prepare your Import file. The import file needs to be in .CSV format and needs to follow the attached template (see attached Template called "Inspire Planner - Project Import Template" at the bottom of this help article). There is a second file called "Inspire Planner - Project Import Template - Definitions" that provides additional details on how the template should be populated.


    Please Note:

    Import File Size should not exceed 6MB.


    Use Project Import Wizard

    This section will walk you through how to import your .CSV file using the Inspire Planner Project Import Wizard.


    1. Click on the App Launcher and enter "Project Import Wizard" in the Quick Find box. Click on Project Import Wizard.

    2. Click on + New Job.

    3. Click on Upload Files and then select your import file.

    4. Click on Done.

    5. The Project Import Wizard will begin importing your file. When finished, you will be presented with the results under the section "Last Import Results".

      Please note:
      You will need to manually refresh the page to see the results of your last import.

      If unsuccessful, review your Import file, make sure that the data is in the correct format and try again.



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